moving right along

so my mom sent me an email yesterday with a bunch of baby pictures and this poetry certificate she found that looks like its from 1994. curiously enough, the phrase “moving right along” apparently not only refers to my writing chops as a four-year old afro-puffed kindergardener, but also to the current state of affairs in my life as i know and live it today.

on this tuesday, august 30th 2011, i will officially lift off from planet providence, which has been my quirky lovely little home for the past four years.  i will miss rhode island dearly, probably more than i ever expected too, but i know i’ll be back!

for the next couple years i’ll be living back in my hometown, the greatest city there is* theatre-ing and poet-ing my heart out until my best friend and son Fati joins me in 2012 and we hatch our epic plan to take over the world.

stay tuned for updates on upcoming shows!

❤ j

*CHICAGO! derrr


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