More Woman

Had the pleasure of featuring at Slam Nahuatl’s Survivor Slam event last night.  A beautiful venue and event to support a great cause: Camp Bruce Mccoy, a camp for survivors of traumatic brain injury. Slam Nahuatl has got a great thing goin on, the energy/attentiveness of the room was incredible…and the idea of doing a whole series of slam events in support of important causes is something I haven’t seen before. Right on Richmond 🙂

Though a little bird also told me that I was SN’s first female feature…like, ever. I’m always glad to hear that venues are being mindful of the demographics of their features, so I hope to be the first of many woman poets featured on the SN mic!

Speakin of mics, the open mic was lovely, I enjoyed hearing mini feature sets from the Nahuatl crew. A poet named Kyle particularly struck me with his pieces about LGBTQ rights.  He did a list poem of letters written to a hate crime experience that had my head spinning for the rest of the night. Great stuff.

Shout out to Hamilton for being a great host and letting us crash on his futon, and to Mr. Robalu for capturing this awesome sketchquote, the man is skilled with a highlighter!


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